About me

Political Scientist

  • Studied political science, sociology and education in Mainz and Berlin 1985-1992, majoring in political sociology
  • 1992 Diploma at the Free University of Berlin with a thesis on the influence of generation and age effects in elections
  • Research assistant at the Chair of Domestic Policy under the direction of Prof. Dr. Jürgen W. Falter at the Institute for Political Science at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz 1993-1999

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Software Engineer

  • IT coordinator at the Institute for Political Science at the University of Mainz 1995-1999
  • 1999-2001 coordinator of the webmaster group in the online editorial department of ZDF (zdf.de), further development of the content management system Imperia
  • Freelance developer for content management systems 2001-2003
  • Since 2004 employed as application consultant, focus on SAP Netweaver Portal, later Salesforce

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Sailing Instructor

  • Active sailor since 2003
  • Since 2016 volunteer instructor and skipper at the yacht schools Elba and Glücksburg of the German High Seas Sports Association HANSA e.V. (DHH)
  • Since 2019 part-time instructor and skipper for the sailing centers in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden

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